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School lunch service


Order Forms are available from reception at your school or you can print here online.


Lunch Ordering Guidelines:

>Orders can be made online, or by filling in a form.

> Online Orders must be entered by 9am on the day they are required and can be ordered anytime before this.

> Manual orders with the money can be dropped off into the designated 3rd Little Duck lunch order boxes located at the front entrance of your school prior to school starting. Orders will be collected every morning by 3rd Little Duck staff.

> To limit disruption to school classroom activity, all fruit orders will be delivered at recess time.

Snack and Lunch orders are prepared at 3rd Little Duck certified premises and sorted into class group tubs/bags and dropped back to the schools just before the snack and lunch breaks. Each student that has ordered will have a clear plastic lunch box that has their name and class label on it. Plastic containers are to be returned to class group tubs/bags, students should remove their plastic money sleeve with any change and take it home to re-use. At the end of the school day 3rd Little duck staff will collect all tubs/containers.

There are specials for both snack and lunch each term as well as additional specials to suit the season. These will be noted on the order menus and published through the school newsletters.

The service for schools is an alternative to traditional "tuckshops" that provides convenience and value for busy parents as an option for a low cost healthy lunch and snacks.

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